The Simple Things: May 15, 2017

“The Simply Things” is a new series where I share the simple pleasures I discover throughout the week.  I was inspired by Shannon Abels’ “This & That” posts on her blog, The Simply Luxurious Life. Shannon’s blog a has been such an inspiration to me and the creation of  SLL.  Please take a peak at her blog, you will not regret it!

BookDead and Breakfast: A Merry Ghost Inn Mystery by Kate Kingsbury
I am a huge fan of cozy mysteries and this was a delightful, quick, and easy read for the week.  The protagonist, Melanie West, co-owns a bed & breakfast with her grandma. They discover a skeleton during their renovations and try to solve the murder before the B&B’s grand opening.

PodcastThe Practical Minimalists
I accidentally stumbled upon this podcast a couple weeks ago and I’ve been binge listening to their episodes ever since! Eryn and Heather talk about all things minimalism, from capsule wardrobes to traveling with less.

YouTubeThe Financial Diet
The Financial Diet channel gets down and dirty with money and budgeting. I truly admire how they share their own personal struggles with their relationship with money. I love their honesty and realness of their episodes. I’ve added a video below of one of my favourite episodes:

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