The Simple Things: May 29, 2017

This week on The Simple Things, I’ll be sharing a few things from tv series to sandwiches that I’ve enjoyed these past couple weeks. Lets get to it!

TV Series Agatha Raisin Series – Season One
Rented this from my local library a few weeks ago and have been savouring each episode since. As you may have noted from the first “Simple Things” post, I am a huge fan of cozy mysteries! The protagonist, Agatha Raisin, is a retired PR agent who solves murders in a quaint little village in the Cotswolds. The tv show is based on M.C. Beaton’s Agathan Raisin book series.

FoodCoconut BLT Sandwich at kb & co.
kb & co. is a plant base restaurant serving up the freshest and yummiest plant base food in Edmonton! I first had the coconut BLT sandwich a few weeks ago and I have ordered it a few more times since. The sandwich has everything you could possible need in a sandwich and is paired perfectly with a simple massaged kale salad.

YouTube ChannelAlberta Urban Garden
If you follow me on Instagram you know that I’ve started my very first garden this summer. Stephen’s YouTube has been so helpful in the initial planning and set up of my little garden. I like how Stephen conducts little experiments in his garden and supports his findings scientifically. Also, he’s a fellow Albertan!

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