Five Ways to Save Money Now

Since we’re half way through 2017, I thought this month would be a perfect time to do check in on our finances and reevaluate any money goals we may have set at the beginning of the year. So for the month of June all SLL posts will be money related. To kick off “Money Month”, today I will be sharing five ways to save money now. Lets get to it!

1. Reevaluate your cable package
Ask yourself: Do you really need all those channels? By eliminating channels you don’t watch you could significantly reduce your monthly cable bill. You could also cancel your cable entirely and subscribe to online streaming providers like Netflix which would cost as little as $8/month.

2. Renegotiate your phone plan
Calling your phone provider to renegotiate your plan is a quick and easy way to potentially reduce your monthly bill. I call my provider every year to have my plan reevaluated and I’ve been successful in either reducing my bill or getting extra add-ons for free. Remember: there is no harm in asking!

3. Create a grocery list and stick to it
This is the simplest and easiest way to cut down on unnecessary
expenses. This is really important if you meal plan because lists ensures you only purchase what you need. Lists can also prevent you from purchasing food that does not fit in with your meal plan and that food could potentially go to waste. I would suggest take this a step further and preorder your groceries online for pick-up, this strategy again ensures that you only purchase what you need.

4. Utilize your local library
Your local library is more than a place to borrow books. Local libraries provide a ton of free resources like internet, movies, CDs, magazines, and newspapers. Our local library even offers 3D printing services!

5. Dine-in date nights
Personally, eating out on date night has been my biggest budget destroyer. Now, instead of going out to eat, my significant other and I stay in and cook our meal together. Not only does it save us a money but its also much more intimate. After our meal, we typically have a fire in the backyard or go for an evening stroll. Our “dine-in dates” are by far are more memorable than any dates we’ve had a fancy restaurants.

There you have it! Five ways to save money now. How are you going to save money this month? Share your money saving plan below in the comments!


Photo Credit: Kay Isabedra via Death to Stock

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