What I’ve Learned From My 1 Year Shopping Ban

I was introduced to the concept of shopping bans through Cait Flanders’ blog. After reading her experience I was inspired to incorporate something similar in my life.

The reason I decided to go on a shopping ban was because I no longer could ignore the fact that I was (and still am) a spender.  I bought things when I was bored, to make me feel better, and to reward myself. I loved buying things just for the sake of buying.

It’s been over a year since I’ve completed my firs one year shopping ban and  I’m about to embark on another one year ban. Today, I will be sharing what I’ve learned from my first ban.

– I learned that I was an emotional shopper

– I discovered my spending triggers

– I learned the true difference of wants and needs

– I appreciated what I already had

– I learned what my priorities were

– I learned to get over the “FOMO” mindset

– I became more confident

There you have it! I’m currently working on the rules and an approved shopping list for my next one year ban which I will be sharing later. If you are interested in starting your own shopping ban, I’ve included Cait’s resources below:

Cait’s Year One Shopping Ban Experience:

Cait’s Shopping Ban Guide:

Have you completed a shopping ban before? Share your experience below in the comments!


Photo Credit: Kay Isabedra via Death to Stock

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