My 2017 Shopping Ban

As I mentioned in my ‘What I’ve Learned From My 1 Year Shopping Ban‘ post, I was introduced to the concept of shopping bans through Cait Flanders’ blog. It’s been over a year since I’ve completed my firs one year shopping ban and I’m about to embark on another ban. One of the biggest mistakes I made during my first shopping ban was that I didn’t write down my rules and just kept a mental note (spoiler alert: not a good idea). From my personal experience, I found that by not writing down my rules it was easy for me to bend the rules to justify specific purchases. For example, did I really need to take that calligraphy workshop? Or, did I need purchase all that wool for my new found love of crocheting? Looking back, the answer is clear “HECK NO!”.

Well, I will not make that same mistake twice!  Here are my rules for my 2017 shopping ban:


I will purchase:

  • groceries
  • tea (only after I run out)
  • cosmetics (essentials only and only after I run out)
    • essentials: bb cream, concealer, powder, blush, eyebrow gel, and lip tint
  • skincare (essentials only and only after I run out)
    • essentials: makeup remover, toner, day & night serums, moisturizer, and sunscreen
  • toiletries (shampoo, toothpaste, toilet paper, etc.)
  • cleaning products and supplies
  • gardening supplies
  • clothing in my capsule wardrobe that need to be replaced (stained, ripped, etc.)
  • items on my approved shopping list
  • gifts for family

And I will NOT to purchase:

  • books and/or audiobooks (unless unavailable at the local library and cannot be ordered in)
  • office supplies (agenda books, notebooks, pens, etc.)
  • audio streaming subscriptions
  • small kitchen appliances/gadgets (kitchen aid attachments, mini food processor, etc.)
  • household items (candles, furniture, prints, etc.)
  • coffee mugs/travel mugs
  • yarn for crocheting
  • online personal development courses
  • in person workshops
  • yoga and/or fitness passes

On top of the shopping ban, I am challenging myself to also take on:

  • track every single purchase I make for the rest of the year

There you have it! My 2017 shopping ban starts on June 26.  Who’s joining me?!

Photo Credit: Kay Isabedra via Death to Stock

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